SALEM, Va. -

The 27th Annual Salem Fair kicked off Wednesday at the Salem Civic Center.

Although it was a hot opening day, people found creative ways to beat the heat while enjoying some of this year’s new attractions.

From sitting in the shade, to running through the misting station and feeling the air while on a fast ride, nothing is stopping fairgoers from having a good time.

"I ride the rides and that keeps me cool, especially the ones that go up in the air and spin fast; and I go in the sprinklers for about 10 minutes,” Mary Spencer said.

Angela Tolley said people should drink lots of water and stay in the shade when they can.

The Salem Fair is the largest free gate fair. Carey Harveycutter, Salem Fair Manager, said there are two new kiddie rides and two new adult rides people can look forward to.

There is also entertainment to enjoy inside the Civic Center.

“You can go into the blue ribbon exhibits. It's air conditioned in there so you can see the cakes, the pies and quilts and things like that,” Harveycutter said.

The Salem Fair is July 2 – 13. There will be a fireworks display July 4.

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