SALEM, Va. -

You may not be a fan of needles -- but the Salem Museum has an exhibit many of us can appreciate.

The museum has opened an exhibit featuring the medical history of the Roanoke Valley.

"The Healing Arts: A Medical History of the Roanoke Valley" -- opened as part of commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Health Focus, formerly the Lewis-Gale Medical Foundation.

Health Focus and Lewis-Gale donated many of the artifacts and information for the exhibit.

"There is a great story here to tell," said John Long, museum director. "Older folks will recall some of the doctors and even some of the smaller local hospitals we highlight. Folks might miss the days of physician house calls. But I think everyone will be glad that medical treatments and technology have improved over time."

The exhibit has information about prominent doctors from local history, including Dr. Warren Moorman, who helped start Health Focus and the Salem Museum.

To show how medicine has changed over time, three "case studies" are featured in the exhibit: a broken bone early in the 20th Century, a labor and delivery in the '40s, and a tonsillectomy in the '60s. They explain how the patient would have been treated and what it would take for a smooth recovery.

"Visitors will find it enlightening, and no doubt make them thankful they don't live back then," Long said.

The exhibit, located in the Powell Gallery of the Salem Museum, continues through August. The Salem Museum is located at 801 East Main Street in Salem, and is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 4, and Saturday from 10 to 3.

The museum is free.