Robert Stone is a graduate of the old Andrew Lewis High School.
His career with the Navy and now the state department has taken him all over the world.
He says his wife Alice is doing what she can to help shattered communities, but she's being met with red tape.

Pictures from just last year, show a Philippines with a simple way of life and scenic views.

It's a far cry from what the people there are dealing with now.

"She said she saw more than 100-dead bodies floating in the water. The scene was catastrophic," explains Robert Stone via phone Monday afternoon.

Stone was stationed in the Philippines, it's where he met his wife Alice.
In September, Alice went to visit her family.
Friday, the storm made landfall.

Explains Stone, "She said there were large container ships that were thrown up on the beach and there was wide scale looting, it was terrible. And, she said the smell was tremendous."

While the United Nations and the U.S. are pledging aid, Stone says the infrastructure's not in place to distribute those items.
He says the majority of those items are still at the airport waiting to get to those in need.
Forcing people to help themselves and their neighbors.

"She was trying to get as much rice as she could get, so we could distribute that. She was able to to get 5-sacks of rice. 50-kilo sacks of rice and them up on the other boat and bring them back to Guyntampilan where she started to ration out rice, that's all we can do," says Stone.

Nationally the Red Cross says its sending support.

Locally, the organization Gleaning for the World is holding drives and taking donations.

November 12, 2013 – November 14, 2013
Sam’s Club on Wards Road, Lynchburg, VA from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Walmart on Rt 460, Bedford, VA from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Word of Truth Ministries, 643 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke, VA from 12 pm. -5p.m.

Items that are needed:
Hand sanitizer
OTC drugs (cough, cold, and fever reducing) Expiration date after 8/14 Adult and
Powdered milk
Flashlights & Batteries