His opponents have raised more than $30 million combined.

At the end of August, Robert Sarvis had pulled in just over $60 thousand, but the Libertarian candidate for Governor says money isn't everything, and his support is growing.

Sarvis has been rising in the polls, his support approaching 10 percent in several, surpassing that figure in a few. And now he's hoping to reach even more potential voters.

He's now on the air in southwestern Virginia with his first television ad.

"It just increases awareness, and once people are aware of the campaign it's a fairly easy sell," Sarvis told WDBJ7 Tuesday afternoon. "I'm providing a very different option a better option. I'm the moderate in the race and providing a vision for Virginia that's open-minded and open for business and people are really responding to that."

Sarvis spent much of the day in Roanoke doing interviews. He was scheduled to attend a campaign reception Tuesday evening at a downtown Roanoke restaurant.

He's also hoping to be included in WDBJ7's debate at Virginia Tech later this month, perhaps his best opportunity to reach a statewide audience in the final days of the campaign. That decision is now riding on his showing in the polls.