A scam targeting active service members, made its way to our area and landed in a familiar household.

Jim Bullington, the former owner of the famed Texas Tavern Restaurant, was the target.

The phone call started like this:

"I said Cory is that you? And he said yeah. And I said, where are you? " "I knew it was a scam."

Jim Bullington is talking about his grandson Cory, who's currently serving overseas. But the person calling from this number, claimed to be Cory calling from Las Vegas because:

"One of my buddies died and I'm on funeral escort here."

Then the story gets more and more convoluted.

"A few of us went out last night and were drinking and we ended up in a wreck and the woman who was driving was drunk and I'm in jail."

The caller told Bullington he needed money for bail but things weren't adding up. He says couldn't clearly tell if the caller was indeed Cory, until Bullington beat the scammer at their own game.

"Aren't you due to get married before long? And he said, yeah, it won't be too before I get married, Pop. Well I knew that that wasn't him then because my grandson got married about a year ago."

Bullington, a veteran, is appalled anyone would exploit members of the military and their families.

"I can't tell you on-air the words I used to describe him."

Experts say scammers are having a field day with veterans and active service members.

"The reason why this is so successful is, a lot of times when you have a family member in the service, you may not know where they are, you may not know where they're stationed," Julie Wheeler, president and CEO of The Better Business Bureau told WDBJ7.

Bullington says this is a wake-up call for military families and is grateful he took the time to listen before being duped.