Roanoke County school leaders' decision to dismiss school early left many parents looking for child care at a moment's notice.

“I usually don't work on Friday afternoons, so that meant they had to call me. Can you come in as soon as you can, can you come in as soon as you can?” said teacher Leanna Skiles.

Employees at North Star Childcare got an unexpected surprise.

“We had to come and pick up the kids immediately,” said daycare owner, Susan Rolfe.

The day care got the call around 10:30 Friday morning that they needed to pick up students as soon as they could. Dozens of Roanoke County school bus drivers called out sick after a disagreement with the school system over their health benefits. The fallout forced schools to dismiss early.

“It was a last minute decision, very unprofessional in my book,” said daycare bus driver Anthony Price.

The decision meant longer hours for day care providers, and it left parents scrambling to find child care.

“They're having the kids leave early so they can leave at their normal time, doesn't look like they are getting inconvenienced at all,” said Rolfe. “We're the one's getting inconvenienced. It doesn't seem Roanoke County is getting inconvenienced. That's the problem I have.”

Child care providers say being flexible is all a part of the job, and they can make do with what they have. They hope next time they'll have an earlier warning from the county.