SALEM, Va. -

A four-year-old battling cancer became an MVP on the basketball court.

Tyler Shannon played with the big kids Friday morning at a special fundraising game at Salem High School. Tyler is the water boy for the boys basketball team and his mom is a teacher at the school.

Other teachers and students have been working together on the event to make Tyler feel like a superstar. The whole school cheered him on. "Tyler definitely loves basketball. It is his obsession," his mother, Jenn Shannon, said. "He has been looking forward to this game for weeks. He's had his outfit laid out for three straight days."

Jenn Shannon says it's been so important to have something positive for Tyler to look forward to. And the school has worked together "like a family," she said.  "We feel like this is part of our story.  We're not sure how it's all going to tie in.  But it's a chapter in our story.  I think bigger and better things are going to come  in the end for childhood cancer awareness and just for people to see that there's so much good in the world."

Jenn Shannon said Tyler's tumors have been responding to treatment and are shrinking.  His body is having a tough time keeping up with the chemotherapy, however.