At Chatham Elementary School in the eight grade hall hangs a sign, "We Love Snow."
It was all fun and games at the beginning of the season, now students, teachers, especially the principal are ready to take it down.

Snow forced them to miss more days than they would have liked. The school board found a solution out of their problem.

"Beginning on March 31st through the 17th of April, Monday through Thursdays, we're going to extend the school day a half hour each day for those four days. Fridays will be regular dismissal time," McDaniel said.

Thirty minutes more of class time over a three week period makes up for a full school day.
The school board also scheduled classes on Good Friday to make up another day. Those teacher work days have all turned into make up days too.

The board used just about every available day and option to save Spring Break and get out of school before graduation.

"Every early dismissal, every late arrival school day, every day that you close you have to count the hours," McDaniel said.

Virginia code requires school districts to have 180 instructional days or 990 hours.
Anything more is extra and can be saved for snow days. It's technical work.

"Very technical and superintendents are required to keep up with this as a matter of fact we have to sign off verifying we have met those requirements," McDaniel said.

Other counties are also coming up similar plans.

Highland and Campbell County Schools are adding 15 minutes to the school day started at the end of this month.

Roanoke County Schools has two hours more than what's required by law for a whole year. If there is one more snow day the board will likely extend the school day.

Then there are school districts like Halifax County that has no days to make up.

Given there are no more snow days students in Pittsylvania County will get out May 23rd.