Chances are, your kids spent more of this week at home than in the classroom.

But are school administrators worried students will get behind?

Some districts only went to school on Monday this week.

The timing of this snow storm turns out to be not all that bad for schools.

Many districts had semesters end before this week so generally, many districts aren't too deep in new material that it creates a problem.

Some of the roads are still in no shape for school buses to drive around on like here in Alleghany County.

The big concern among school leaders and parents is if something like this happens again.

Many districts are already into the makeup days, but many can't afford another three or four days off.

"With the teachers and their work plans and everything that they have to do I think it would be kind of a hassle trying to get things back in, all the knowledge and everything. Yeah, I think it will be an issue," said Cristy Cahoon, who's got a child in Alleghany County Schools.

If there are more snow days, the problem gets greater because most SOL testing begins in May.    

Any school leader will say getting kids to school safely is a top priority and they never want to lose instruction time, but this is the reality of winter.