Roanoke's Washington Park was filled with close to 70 Cub Scouts ready to hit the soccer field Saturday afternoon.

It's all part of the first-ever Scout Reach-Soccer and Scouting Tournament.

Scouts from Roanoke City, Roanoke County and Lynchburg, played round-robin matches.

Parents and Scout Leaders refereed the games and enjoyed some friendly competition.

The tournament also marks the launch of a new partnership between the American Red Cross and the Boy Scouts, but today was about having fun.

"These guys are able to have fun, learn how to work with one another and actually earn some belt loops that they had been working like soccer belt loops and fellowship, just to have a good time," Scout Leader, Melvin Wilson told Your Hometown News Leader.

Scout Reach and Soccer and Scouting offer at-risk and multicultural youth character building, learning and personal growth opportunities.