The search for Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy is gaining new momentum.

A search team from North Carolina drove more than 300 miles to meet with her family and friends on Friday.

Their message to the family was to not give up and to not give in when it comes to the search.

The Murphy family said they have had the hardest two months of their lives as their 17 year old daughter has yet to be found.

Alexis' mom, Laura Murphy, found some comfort when she got a phone call from Monica Caison.

"I was overwhelmed," she said.

Monica Caison is the founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons. It's search group headquartered out of Wilmington, NC. The center is in their 19th year of helping to find missing people all across the country and they want to bring Alexis home.

"Everyday is a long period of time and some of these cases go into forever it seems like so we have to be proactive on it," said Casion.

But Caison isn't the only person standing behind the Murphy's in their fight to find Alexis.

"Our tears are the same color," said Gil Harrington. "Alexis Murphy is the precious daughter of this entire community and we are outraged that she has been abducted and stolen from this  community."

Gil Harrington is the mother of Morgan Harrington. Morgan went missing back in 2009 before her body was found in a remote farm 3 months later in Albemarle County.
Gil told WDBJ 7 she's standing behind the Murphy family because she knows the feeling all too well.

"To simultaneously be trying to keep hope alive and trying to brace yourself for the worst news youve ever had its very dabilitating, demoralizing position to be in  and its exhausting," said Harrington.

Alexis has been gone for weeks, but it's still fresh in the minds of her family, friends and volleyball teammates.

Caison said that's what's key in bringing Alexis back home.

"You really don't ever understand what youre surroundings are until someone is abducted from a gas station that you go to all the time it's like how could this happen  so this is a team effort, a team effort to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else," said Angela Taylor, who is Alexis' aunt.

The CUE Center's national road tour includes 108 missing person cases. Six of them are unsolved homicides.

They will travel to nine states and travel 5,000 miles in less than two weeks.

According to Caison, about 850,000 people are reported missing every year.

Randy Taylor is charged with kidnapping Murphy.

A trial date will be set later this month.