The Christmas shopping season is weeks away. Everyone from shipping companies to retailers is looking for a few extra hands.

People are heading to stores getting ready to do their holiday shopping, but where there are more customers, more helping hands are needed.

“We got to have them, our sales grow, anticipation the holiday season grow; customer count foot traffic in our stores grow, so we got to have them to help take care of the customers, said Walmart manager, Aaron Robins.

Retailers like Walmart have wasted no time putting Christmas decoration on the shelves.

If you need a little extra cash for holiday shopping or if you’re looking for long term work, Walmart may be the place for you.

"We hope to keep them on; we have some great help that's with us for many years after the holiday season," said Robins.

Robins is now a manager at Walmart but he started as a temporary store associate while attending college.

Other larger retailers are currently interviewing for seasonal positions. If you're not having any luck on your own, try looking at the Virginia Employment Commission.

“Our job market is tremendous here in the Roanoke valley and for seasonal work, I looked earlier today and we have about 100 job orders or a little better," said VEC manager Katherine Holcomb.