If TV viewers have been paying attention, they've heard some some humor, and the positive spin in the 38th district campaign.

But most of the air time has been devoted to attacks on the opposition.

Democrat Mike Hymes has questioned Republican Ben Chafin' s priorities and judgment.

"My opponent Mr. Hymes is waging a campaign of distraction and fear," Chafin told WDBJ7.

Chafin's ads associate Hymes with the policies of President Obama.

"They're mischaracterizing me," Hymes said in an interview. "It's another attempt to make me something that I'm not."

Independent Rick Mullins hasn't been advertising on television until now. His ad focuses on his support for Medicaid expansion.

He has been happy to avoid the crossfire from the other candidates.

"I think we need to have respect for each other," Mullins said, "and not create those scenarios in our political advertising."

The 38th Senate district stretches from Radford to Big Stone Gap. Voters head to the polls on Tuesday.