A Virginia senator's proposal to get the state's budget passed quickly may fall flat.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam told WDBJ7 that leading Democrats don't support the latest proposal from Republican Senator Emmett Hanger from Augusta County.

He's is proposing a compromise that separates Medicaid expansion from consideration of the state budget.

He told media Thursday that move may allow the budget to pass on time.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam told me today neither he nor Governor Terry McAuliffe will support the decision since Medicaid is such an important part of state spending.

He talked about the budget while on an economic tour of Southern Virginia Friday.

Fellow Democrats say by including Medicaid in the budget thousands of Virginians can get health insurance faster and the state will get millions of dollars in federal aid.

"Obviously Medicaid is a significant amount of the budget and we feel that we should move together. It's very important that as of July 1, that we have a budget. We also feel very strongly that Medicaid expansion needs to be part of that so we're going to continue to move in that direction to make it all one package if we can," said Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam.

Republicans in the house say that's a deal breaker. They aren't supporting a budget if it includes Medicaid expansion.

State lawmakers have to approve the two year budget by July 1. If not, the state government could shut down.

Though Northam and the governor told WDBJ7 this week, they are certain that's not happening.