A snake handling preacher WDBJ7 featured in a special report in November 2012 has died from a snake bite.

Your Hometown News Leader traveled to Middlesboro, Kentucky and attended a service where Pastor Jamie Coots and church members handled serpents as part of their worship service.

Here's more information from CBS Affiliate WKYT:

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (WKYT) - The snake-handling pastor starring on the reality show "Snake Salvation," has died from a snake bite, according to Middlesboro Police.

Police believe Jamie Coots died after a rattlesnake bit his right hand during a church service Sunday night.

Coots was found dead in his home about 10 p.m. after refusing medical help, according to police.

Coots was best known for his starring role on National Geographic's show "Snake Salvation." The reality show highlights the snake handling practice at his church in Bell County.

WKYT spoke to Coots about a year ago, after he was stopped in Tennessee where police found several rattlesnakes and copperheads in his car.

Coots said he believed the venomous snakes couldn't hurt him as long as he had the power of God.

"We use them in religious ceremonies and I believe as for me, if I don't have them there to use I'm not obeying the word of god," Coots said.

Coots said he was a third-generation snake handler and hoped to pass the church on to his son, Cody.

Further details on Coot's death are expected to be released sometime Sunday.