Area churches and schools are cooking up some healthy habits.

Tuesday, students with Roanoke City Schools RCPS+ program and church members made lunch at Grandin Court Baptist Church.

But, this wasn't just any kind of lunch, the kids used fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to create a 3-course meal.

In addition to having a little fun, organizers hope the kids learn that healthy foods can be tasty.

"We're raising a generation of children who are having diabetes earlier who are having lots of health problems and if we can get them to start eating healtier than their lives are going to be better," says Betty Anderson with Congregations in Action.

Church members are part of the group "Congregations in Action."

The group received a grant to pay for the event.

Next week, parishioners and the kids will put what they learned to the test by visiting a restaurant and making smart food choices.