The concert may be over, but those who live here are still reeling after Sheryl Crow's performance Thursday in Elmwood Park. They're impressed with not only the performance, but the venue.

Roanoke has attracted large acts in the past, but Thursday's concert was one of the biggest for Elmwood Park. Those who attended say the concert showed off the city's ability to pull off a big-name show.

She's won nine Grammys and Thursday night, Sheryl Crow brought her talent To Roanoke's Elmwood Park.

The park underwent a close to $5 million renovation that included seating for thousands and a facility that could the likes of Sheryl Crow.

"This is our first ticketed event so we hope it's going to send a message to other promoters so they can bring more stars, more acts and more performers here into Elmwood Park," said Roanoke's mayor, David Bowers.

"Finally, Roanoke has some outdoor venues and some big artists coming here, I'm very excited," Lisa Worrell told WDBJ7.

For those vendors working the concerts that will be held here throughout the year, say it's a win-win situation for the city, businesses and the local economy.

"This is great for business, it gives us the exposure We're out here, they can sample some of our food," said 202 Market/Stefano's Executive Chef, Meghan Gill.

Those who live here in Roanoke say the city itself is a draw making it attractive to visitors, "There's a change in Roanoke and people like what they see, there's a lot to do," Bowers told Your Hometown News Leader.

"I think the city is evolving, I think the city's getting bigger," Worrell said.

"I think we offer a lot more than people give us credit for and I think that people around here take take advantage of that," Rick Stephens told WDBJ7.

4,300 tickets were sold for the show.  The city expects to draw more large name acts to the park in the future.