In some parts of the world it's Boxing Day. Here in the states, it's the day after Christmas and that means, major shopping.

You'd think it was the day before Christmas, not after. The parking lots were packed, shoppers were carrying lots of bags and the stores were full of bargains.

"The deals, the deals," exclaimed shopper Dwayne Hamm.

"An additional 20 percent off of the already marked down price and some things were even 50 percent off that," shopper, Abbie Hosteter told Your Hometown News Leader.

Sign after sign, after sign, after sign, all boasted the same thing to post-holiday shoppers, big sales!

"They're actually better than the ones before Christmas." "It kind of makes you wish you didn't buy before Christmas because you could save the money now," said Hosteter.

According ShopperTrak, shopping numbers the week of December 22 decreased by over 3-percent from 2012. Brick and mortar traffic? Down over 21 percent. Retailers hope Thursday's sales will help make that up; while shoppers were getting their favorite things.

"Some clothes, the kids are shopping for some lotions," Heidi Horner told WDBJ7.

The mall was also filled with the parents of excited children with cabin fever, just itching to spend their Christmas loot.

"I wasn't shopping for me, I was shopping for the kids!" Lisa Hale said.

And shoppers know, many retailers offer these bargain basement prices to make room for newer merchandise.

"They're ready to get rid some of the stuff, the Christmas stuff and pushing all the spring and all of that good stuff," Hale said.

But not before these shoppers clean them out.