You've probably heard of the movie Shrek.

Well now its coming to a stage in Martinsville as a musical.

In just two weeks, Patrick Henry Community College will entertain you on their New York set.

Just one year ago, Patrick Henry Community College dusted off Walker Theatre and started producing musicals. Now it's time for Shrek.

"I absolutely felt the immense pressure that this show had to be over the top, and it is," said Devin Pendleton.

Usually the crew has to make their own stage. But that wasn't the case for this musical. This set came already built specifically for Shrek and was even used in New York.

"It was on the east coast, traveling from one location to the other and they needed somewhere to house it," said Jane Leizer.

"We're actually not able to use the whole set. We have so much more than came with this huge 53-foot freight truck that came with this," said Pendleton.

This 20-foot singing dragon is a huge part of the musical. But operating her will take five cast members and a lot of coordination. There are 30 cast members and a 10 peice orchestra.

Bryan Dunn plays the main character Shrek.

"The production level, the dancing, the acting, the singing, it's all fantastic and its just on par with what you would expect for a New York show," said Dunn.

You can check out the musical Shrek on May 29 through June 1st.

It will happen again on June 5th through June 8th.

Tickets are 15-dollars and you can purchase those at the Artisan Center in downtown Martinsville.