A small business in Lynchburg was targeted by an Appalachian Power scam artist Friday.

Small business owners are being targeted by scam artists claiming to be a representative of Appalachian Power.

According to AEP, scammers are calling business owners and asking them to “make immediate payment or have their service disconnected.”

Victims are told they need to make payment by purchasing prepaid debit cards
Appalachian Power says a customer in Lynchburg was targeted Friday, but did not fall for the scam.

“While there are instances when Appalachian Power will contact customers over the telephone, the company does not demand payment in this manner,” said Appalachian Power Spokesperson Jeri Matheney in a news release.

If a scammer calls, AEP urges customers to call them or local law enforcement.

AEP offers these tips to prevent from falling victim to scam artists:
- Confirm that you are speaking to a utility representative.

- Be wary of anyone demanding immediate payment or payment in forms of prepaid cards or money orders.

- Never give out your credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or savings account numbers to anyone who comes to your home, calls or emails requesting information.

- Never allow anyone claiming to be a utility service person into your home unless you have scheduled an appointment and the person has proper identification.