Smart Beginnings is teaming up with Virginia's public libraries to encourage parents to be more involved in their children's education.

Across our state, the "Smart Beginnings Starts with Families" campaign is happening from now until Father's Day.

Roanoke Public libraries are encouraging families to enjoy their summer program, "Paws to Read."

It features science programs, puppet shows, and even appearances by live animals from the Mill Mountain Zoo.

Library leaders say literacy is about much more than just reading.

"A lot of kids in the city don't get to go to grandma's farm over the summer. They don't get to go to the beach. So, we're trying to bring some of those experiences here to the library," says Amber Yopp, with Roanoke City Public Libraries.

Click here to find out more about Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke, or check out Roanoke Public Libraries online to register for its summer reading program.