Everyone in Bedford County received a healthy dose of snow during this week's storm, but amounts varied greatly from east to west.

Viewers reported snow totals ranging from 18.5 inches in Hardy, to nine inches in Forest.

The town of Bedford received 14 inches.  By mid-day Friday, Bedford Public Works had cleared all major roads and most residential streets in the town.

Randall Abbott, a public works employee, shoveled snow by hand to clear a path for pedestrians in Centertown.

"It's extremely wet and gets very icy at night," Abbott said.  "It packs really easily, which has made it harder to shovel."

Temperatures reached into the low 50's in Bedford Friday, allowing some of the snow to melt.  Children took advantage of the warmer weather and spent time outside playing in the snow.

"It is a beautiful site!" exclaimed Preston Nelms, a Bedford Elementary School student who spent the afternoon sleigh riding with friends near Smith Street.

"It's fun to have a day off from school, because you don't have to work all day," said Logan Creasy, who built a snowman with his brother, Brycen, at their grandparent's home on Bedford Avenue.