Deputies at the Bedford County Sheriff's Office were concerned for weeks that Kevin Colgan might try to hurt his wife, Sarah.

"We were concerned that we thought we needed to monitor the situation," said Major Ricky Gardner with the sheriff's office.

Investigators started tracking Colgan, after seeing threatening messages on his Facebook page.

On June 12 Colgan posted: "I know it is illegal to say 'I'm going to kill you.' Is it illegal to ask someone to kill?"

Deputies feared it was only a matter of time before Colgan turned his words into action, so they decided to test him.

Earlier this week an undercover investigator contacted Colgan, pretending to be a hitman.

"There was discussion of him having his wife killed and there was a dollar amount," Gardner said of the initial meeting between Colgan and the investigator.

Colgan alluded to the meeting several times on Facebook.  On Sunday June 15, Colgan wrote: "Amazing how in the 21st century, you still must use cash for some types of transactions.  $5,000 is a lot of cash to keep on hand."

Tuesday, June 17 he asks: "Why do hitmen require a cash advance?"

He followed up on Wednesday, saying: "Learned something interesting today...It costs significantly more to hire a hitman if you want the body not to be found."  That was posted the same day deputies say Colgan met with the undercover investigator.

Later that night, Colgan was on Facebook again writing: "I am so happy.  Made an important decision.  Can't wait."

Thursday morning deputies say Colgan took the undercover investigator, the one he thought was a hitman, to his wife's house on Route 460.

"They established a price and a payment schedule," Gardner said of the transaction.

Under Virginia law that act was considered "solicitation to commit murder."  Deputies immediatley arrested Colgan.

Colgan and his wife seperated two years ago.  She filed for divorce last February.

The divorce was scheduled to go before a judge in August.  Colgan is now being held in the Bedford Adult Detention Center, without bond.