Some people work outside rain or shine.

When the sunshine is this hot, work can be a challenge.

Today, we caught up with a Roanoke City Bicycle cop.

Officer D.W. Moricle says some days he'll bike up to twenty miles, even in the hot weather.  He stays in the shade whenever he can and says he has a rule, whenever he wipes sweat off his face, he takes a long drink of water, no exceptions.

But perhaps the most important thing; making sure he gets on the bike nice and early.

"It's not as much of a shock. If I get out early and ride some to get used to it more, it's not as bad of a shock. Today, I had to come out later and it was a bit of a shock," Moricle said.

Aside from having to wear dark colors, the officers wear protective vests, which make your body temperature go much higher.