Some W&L students are getting to work and classes don't even start until next week

Incoming freshman are volunteering around the region

POSTED: 04:37 PM EDT Aug 27, 2013    UPDATED: 06:09 PM EDT Aug 27, 2013 

Classes don't begin for Washington and Lee students until next week, but already some of them are getting to work.

Tuesday, incoming first-year students started pre-orientation.

This gives freshmen a chance to meet their classmates before the new year begins and give back to the community.

Several of those students are in Roanoke this week.

Tuesday, they helped at Total Action Against Poverty's Transitional Living Center.

"We have some students who have really been involved in community service their whole lives and others who just kind of signed up for it cause it was offered. And we just hope that it just opens their eyes to poverty and especially if they take poverty 101 -which is the introduction class at W&L, they can see that there's more to it than the people you might see on the street or never see," explains W&L senior Angela Williams.

Groups are working around Roanoke, in Richmond, Washington, DC and Greensboro until Friday.