Your dreams of becoming a professional soccer player could come true in Danville.

There's a new indoor soccer facility in the city.

Premier Indoor Soccer League can be used by anyone but the owner plans to use it as a recruiting center for well known soccer leagues in Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and England.

Danville native Adam Webb opened the fields and is welcoming teens and young adults from all over Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina to play.

"We're essentially creating year around play for soccer with this facility. For those interested in a career in soccer I think we're making that more obtainable," said Adam Webb, the owner of Premier League Indoor Soccer in Danville.

He's also planning to help college teams recruit players.

The first soccer camps start this summer. The facility is open for recreational use every Saturday.

The building is owned by William Gentry a business and restaurant owner in Danville. It was once a building used by Piedmont Precision.