Anytime there are high winds and low humidity it's the perfect condition for fires to start quickly and easily.

The Danville Assistant Fire Marshal, Richie Guill says you shouldn't burn anything at all when the winds are picking up.

He says make sure ashes from wood stoves are wet or cool to the touch before putting them outside because once a fire starts in these conditions it's hard to stop.

"It's almost like an explosive type spread of fire. When you light the match or you set a fire it will spread faster than you can run in front of it and put it out," said Richie Guill, the Assistant Danville Fire Marshal. "During these conditions it makes it easy for even just that little bit of spark or little bit of ash off of that cigarette to cause a fire. We have several of those when these conditions exist."

Hold on to your cigarette butts too instead of leaving them outside. The slightest spark could start a fire.