Precision was put to the test at this year's Southwest Virginia Air Force Junior ROTC Drill Competition.

Cadets from different parts of the commonwealth are inspected from head to toe. The phrase "paying attention to detail" couldn't be truer for the young men and women who are on the floor.

“A lot of preparation goes into it. Part of our curriculum is teaching them drilling ceremony. They have to learn the proper way to do facing moments all the military drills.” said instructor SMSgt Paul Richardson.

Students spent countless hours learning and executing their drills. Every turn and every step is calculated. Precision is key, and just when you though all the bases were covered, questions are asked to the cadets.

“During inspection we're asked a series of different question basic air force knowledge,” said Cadet Michael Adams.

Cadets say being on the floor is a little stressful.

“It's a lot of pressure out there. A lot of us haven't really been in front of a crowd this much before, so there's a lot of stress,” said Adams.

“The kids are underneath an extreme amount of pressure. To be surrounded by a bunch of NCO's that are quizzing them and know that they are evaluating every movement they make is really a tremendous amount of pressure,” said Richardson.

If they can get through the pressure, their team just might come out on top at the state competition.