General Assembly Republicans say Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Democratic allies are holding the state budget hostage.

Tuesday, GOP lawmakers called on the governor to take Medicaid expansion out of the equation, and clear the way for a deal on a new two-year spending plan.

"The people in Virginia have been very clear," said House Speaker Bill Howell at a news conference. "They want a budget. They don't want our disagreement over Obamacare to stand in the way of that."

Flanked by most of the Republicans in the House of Delegates, and some from the State Senate, Howell argued that Medicaid expansion is a non-starter, and a clean budget is a necessity.

And on the day after the Senate adjourned without voting on a spending plan, Senator Bill Stanley took issue with the public statements of a leading Democrat who suggested opponents of Medicaid expansion are crazy.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, if sound fiscal policy and maintaining our triple a bond rating is crazy, then call me crazy," Stanley told reporters. Call all of us crazy."

As Republicans aired their opposition, Governor McAuliffe continued to make the case for Medicaid expansion, sitting down with a group of mayors at the Executive Mansion.

And supporters of the proposal to extend health insurance benefits to as many as 400-thousand Virginians said the plan is too important to abandon.

"The hospitals, businesses, doctors, everybody has rallied behind some kind of solution especially with all of the federal tax dollars that we could be bringing back here to Virginia," said Roanoke Delegate Sam Rasoul. "I think it's time to find a consensus."

Lawmakers are now expected to reconvene at the State Capitol on April 7th.