The luck of the Irish came to downtown Roanoke today as thousands celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

The streets of downtown were lined with people as many businesses and organizations walked in the parade.

Even Your Hometown News Leader showed up, but this year we brought something brand new for our viewers.

Our new WDBJ7 satellite truck is our first and only H-D live truck.

Many of the St. Patty's Day fans say they come to the parade every year.

Nicole Kelley is a big fan of the parade and says she comes every year.

"We've been coming down here for eight years, since my little girl was a baby. We just love everything about downtown, all the restaurants, we come to the Christmas parade, the St. Patrick's parade, and since my last name is Kelley, you can't help but come down to celebrate St. Patrick's Day," Kelley said.

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