In Martinsville, one woman has recently taken up a new mission. And the back of her car shows she thinks all "chics" are fighters.

Dawn Moser is just one "chic," with two goals. To raise awareness for mammograms that screen for breast cancer and to help those who can't afford to get one.

"Most of the women without insurance are seeking some help for screening mammograms," she says.

After working on a VCU-Tobacco Commission assessment of the needs of those with cancer in Martinsville and Henry County, Dawn noticed grant money for mammograms sometimes ran out before all women who needed one could get screened. So almost a year ago, she started Chics Fight It with a logo to show cancer doesn't discriminate. There are several depictions of chicks in different outfits to show a variety of age groups and ethnicities.

"We live in a very giving community," she says. "It's something I'm very proud of."

As she takes me around her neighborhood in her SUV with the windshield sticker, I asked if she has any personal connection to her new cause.

"I don't have a family history of breast cancer," she remarks. "I don't have a personal history of breast cancer but after working on the cancer needs assessment, I saw such a need for education as well as funding.

I have been blessed with this idea and I feel in my heart I have to pursue to educate and raise funds."

You really can't miss the big sticker on the back of Dawn's car and she wants you to know it has one purpose.

"I want it to be a catchy logo that when women see the logo they say, 'oh yes, I need to get my screening mammogram,'" she says. "Because we tend to put it off if we do or do not have insurance. We're just trying to raise awareness one chic at a time."

Dawn is having a breakfast fundraiser at Applebee's in Martinsville on Saturday, July 26th. You can find more information here.