We have another Sticker Story for you and this one not only has a story, but a slogan behind it. It started fifty years ago, when one family originally from Floyd County first had to "Watcht Out Daway!"

Out of the dozens of photos and stories you sent me, I got a half dozen from the Wimmer family, all with the friendly advice to "Watcht Out Daway!" I had to know their sticker story.

The year was 1964 in rush hour traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City.

"Watcht Out Daway!"

Those were the words that came out the mouth of one of four Wimmer brothers from the backseat of the station wagon pulling a camping trailer. Patriarch Jack Wimmer used this expression with us meaning 'be careful!' and 'safe travels.' From there, it became the family catchphrase and a catch-all for anytime the Wimmers meet.

"'Watcht Out Daway!' holds us together," sister Jackie Frith says. "It's a way of keeping us together as a family. It means 'sayonara' and 'adieu' and 'bonswar.' It also means 'I love you' and 'see you again soon.'"

But then, how did these stickers spread? Part of the clan in places as far away as Louisiana have the motto on their auto. That idea came from brother Richard.

"One of my brothers and I were on the way to a Virginia Tech game and brother David came up and said when someone cut him off, 'Watcht Out Daway,'" he remembers. "Well at that point I said we needed a new Tech bumper sticker but it turned out to be a new family bumper sticker instead."

Now some 40 stickers are out their roaming; and so are the Wimmers, ready to surprise you and remind you.