Franklin County High School released a letter to parents Friday informing them of a rodent problem that is causing students to temporarily relocate to a new classroom while the problem is being addressed.

According to the memo, students in Mrs. McAndrew's and Mrs. Capps' agriculture classes have been temporarily relocated to a classroom in the lobby area of West Campus due to a rodent problem in the agriculture classrooms.

The problem has been addressed by the custodial staff, but the rodents reportedly "reproduce so quickly we have had difficulty eliminating all of them," according to the memo.

Custodian staff at the high school have been following the "division approved pest control policy guidelines" since the rodents were first reported, including setting traps and "sticky pads" in all affected areas and cleaning and disinfecting the impacted areas. Animals housed in cages, most of which were in the lab area, have were removed from the agriculture areas as of August 26, along with their feed.

Maintenance department staff have been in touch with a local company to request help with dealing with the rodent issue. The group visited the high school and developed a plan of action that involves the use of products on the outside of the building. The products the company will be using are considered safe and effective, according to an independent expert who was consulted about the plan before permission was granted to proceed.

The approved removal plan will go into effect at the end of the school day on August 30. Representatives from the Health Department are aware of the situation.

Students will return to the agriculture classroom and lab area when school authorities feel the situation is under control. The memo goes on to state that since the agriculture lab is located in "a large open area within an older building that has garage-type doors that are frequently opened, we cannot guarantee that our "visitors" will not return. However, our expectation is that the plan that has been developed for us will be an effective deterrent."

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