Students feast on authentic Thanksgiving meal

POSTED: 05:14 PM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 05:36 PM EST Nov 21, 2013 
Students enjoy early, accurate feast

Students at Washington and Lee University not only got an early Thanksgiving feast but an authentic one too.

An anthropology class asked the executive chef at the university to cook an accurate Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

Anthropology professor Alison Bell worked with the Young on the tasting menu and ended up omitting eels and hard cider that the Separatists and Wampanoag enjoyed.

Students have been learning how myths of the first Thanksgiving meal evolved. Turns out, they didn't eat pumpkin pie, stuffing and turkey at the Plymouth Plantation Harvest Celebration in 1627. Instead, they ate venison, duck, mussels, corn, parsnips, collards and squash.

The executive chef in the dining hall said he was excited when the challenge was given to him.

"It was enlightening,” said chef J Young. “It was exciting. We talked about the nuances of the original Thanksgiving and went through some of the menu items and I was just excited to produce it for them."

It took about four hours to cook the entire meal.