Teen drivers are learning how to keep their friends and themselves safe on the road.

Youth of Virginia Speak Out on Traffic Safety, or "YOVASO," is holding a summer leadership retreat this week at Sweet Briar College.

More than 100 students and 50 adults are taking part in hands-on activities that focus on safe driving.

Simulators are teaching them about the dangers of texting and driving, and showing them what it feels like to crash a vehicle.

Participants are involved in YOVASO clubs at schools across Virginia.

"This is an opportunity to reach the leaders and hone their skills," said Sarah Obenauer, director of the four-day retreat.  "When they go back into their schools, they can work with their prevention clubs and really promote traffic safety within their clubs."

YOVASO has been around since 2001.   It's funded by a grant from the Virginia Highway Safety Office.