Study shows fewer teens are dying in car crashes

POSTED: 09:12 AM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 08:45 AM EDT Oct 01, 2013 
Teen Driver

A new report shows fewer teens are dying in car crashes. Erie Insurance released the study.

It found while deaths have declined over a five year period, wrecks remain the leading cause of teen deaths. Virginia ranks 31st this year for highest teen death rates in crashes. A Roanoke advocacy group for teen driving safety has notice the trend too.

“Both the national government and the Virginia's government; they've made teen fatalities a priority, so there are a lot more programs in place; a lot of peer to peer programs where the students on working on initiative to bring those fatalities down,” said YOVASO’s Program Administrator, Mary King.

Parents are being asked to stress the importance to their teens about not texting and driving.