Highs in the 70's and sunny weather are putting smiles on faces.

“We couldn't really not stay inside because it's so gorgeous outside. The sun is out. There's not really many clouds out. And we love the Greenway this is probably one our favorite walks,” said Jana Schneider.

Matt and Jana Schneider are expecting their new baby boy in just a little over a week. Their next walk will include a stroller.

Some people spent theirs doing brisk walking and some cyclists found it to be the perfect time to be out.

“I try to get out here every chance I get and get on my bike hopefully a couple of time per week, definitely on a day like this,” said Greg Stewart.

Some spent the afternoon trying to catch fish. Pete Kelly was making catch after catch. He says time is of the essence for being outside.

“I'm 75 years old and I figure I better get out quick. My next time might be in a wheel chair,” said Kelly.

Tonight Pete has the tasking of making dinner with the five rainbow trout he caught after a great day of sunshine.