Carla Spencer said she hadn't gotten her hopes up.

"You know it's been such a roller coaster, up and down, up and down," Spencer told WDBJ7 Wednesday afternoon.

But with no word on a possible stay from the Supreme Court, she and her partner Adrienne Kuder were making plans to marry on Thursday.

"And of course with it being such a historic, important decision," Spencer said, "we just feel like we want to be part of history and take part of it on the very first day that we can."

The court eventually issued the stay, putting a hold on same-sex marriage in Virginia until the nine justices can decide the issue.

In Richmond, the President of The Family Foundation supported the delay, saying it would have been foolish for the court to allow same-sex marriages to move forward.

"We have seen the situation create tremendous chaos in other states," Victoria Cobb said in a telephone interview. "These are real lives, real families, real people that are affected. And I think even Attorney General Herring understands that."

Back in Roanoke, Joe Cobb is the Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge. He said he was looking forward to standing as a witness with several same-sex couples, and then holding ceremonies for them during the day. A stay he said would be disappointing.

 "I'll be sad," Cobb told us, "because I ache for people who have worked so hard for this, but on the other hand I'll be hopeful and continue to work, as will our congregation, to make sure that this happens down the road."

Carla Spencer agreed. "We're very positive about the future. We'll be very disappointed, but we're very proud of the progress we've made."