Survivor is back but with a twist. 10 returning players will compete again but with a loved one. We have Rupert and his wife, Gervase with his niece, Aras with his brother, Monica and her husband, Laura and her daughter, Candice and her husband, Tyson and his girlfriend, Tina and her daughter, Kat with her boyfriend- the winner of Big Brother 12- Hayden, and finally Colton and his fiance.

Not aLAURA-ring

The ten pairs are dropped off in 10 different locations. They must survive the night together. The next day the pairs come together. The loved ones are competing against each other on different tribes.

But wait, Probst gives us a twist. The tribes must vote out one person, immediately. As the tribes reveal their answer, the name of “Laura” pop up the most. Laura is Rupert’s wife. She is voted out of the newbie tribe.

It is between Laura and Candice on the veteran tribe. Candice actually gets voted out and she is not happy. The two women stand beside Probst waiting for a twist. I thought they will switch tribes to play on the other team.

Boy was I wrong. They are actually gone from the game and sent to redemption island. Redemption Island is a place where the evicted player goes to square off for a last-chance competition to enter back in the game. The victor has to play again and again until Probst/ the producers let them back in. It could be 8 match-ups before a victors returns.
Here is the twist, Probst gives the option for either loved one to switch positions. Rupert, without a second, volunteers himself to save his wife. I bet every woman in America wished they were married to Rupert. Laura has to join the veterans tribe to replace Rupert’s spot.

Candice’s husband doesn’t want to switch spots with Candice. John lets her go to redemption island. What a stand up guy!

Probst asks Monica’s husband Brad about playing against Monica. He said he is willing to throw challenges to give his wife rewards like a tarp. This pisses off his tribe. He even knows he dug himself a hole.

Galang Tribe

"I Wish Your Husband Was Here"

The returning players are quick to look into their resources. The tribe quickly makes fire and a shelter. Laura joining the returning player tribe is very intimidating. She tries to open the coconut and you can feel the judgment from them. They really wanted Rupert. He could have built the shelter and provided food.

Monica doesn’t want to play Survivor with Colton. But, she is willing to forgive the past to move forward. Colton gives her his trusts. But, has he changed?

Tadhana Tribe

The men are focused on the base of the shelter and the women are making the top. No one is concerned with fire. Brad received advice from his wife about making deals from the start. He is taking control of his game. He damage controlled his blunder in front of the tribe to Jeff. If he doesn’t go 100% in a challenge he wants to go home.

Brad pulls John aside to make a 5-guy alliance. According to him its 4 guys and a gay guy. Yeah, that happened. Colton’s fiance, Caleb, is actually masculine.


Brad, Vytas, and Cierra attempt to build a fire. While failing, they chat about their life. Cierra was a teen mom and had children before she met her husband. Vytas is a heroin-addict. He overdosed numerous times before getting cleaned. Vytas opened up to show people his vulnerability to hopefully build trust. It will strengthen bonds and connection and he will use it to further his game.

The last time colton played this game. he had a mask on. He didn’t like himself and he projected on his tribe. Colton claims he was the sweetest kid in the world. He wants to show his tribe on Galang that he is changed. He is different and he won’t play this game hurtful.

On redemption island, Candice is heated that her tribe voted her out. Rupert is lazy. Like, all he does is sleep and float in the water.

Immunity Challenge

The tribe has to split into two teams. One team will race and swim over a series of obstacles to release a boat with puzzle pieces. Once the boat is back, the other team will assemble the puzzle to raise the tribe’s flag. Immunity is won when their flag is raised.

The tribes are off and Tadhana is off to a big lead. Gervase struggles in the water. Aras has to help him swim. This gives the newbies a huge lead. Tadhana have their boat and head to shore. Galang struggle paddling. Kat yells at Colton for not paddling hard. He gets snippy at her by saying he will hit her with the paddle.

It comes down to the puzzle. It is Katie, Cierra, and Caleb vs Laura, Monica and Tina. Basically it is Mom vs. Daughter. The mom school their kin by assembling their puzzle first. Galang wins immunity. Gervase is on fire. He taunts the other tribe and this leaves a bitter taste in the Tadhana tribe.

The guys give the tribe a pep talk. Katie feels bad because she is the reason why they lost. The tribe talk about Gervase. Marissa plays it off by distancing herself from his uncle. But, everyone associates the two. It seems that Marissa is in hot water at tribal tonight. She is the easy scapegoat over Gervase's actions after Galang’s win.

Tribal Council