Rachel is gone because Tadhana wants Tyson to switch with her. Will this strategy work or will the fresh meat tribe be stuck with 2 weak women for nothing?

Cupcake Belt

The Galang tribe admires Tyson’s cupcake belt. Thanks to the focus of his belt, the audience got more than we bargain for of Tyson crotch shots in the first 2 minutes of the show. As everyone chat about Tyson’s belt, Colton wants to talk strategy. These people are nothing like the One World people. What do you expect producers when you drop off a villain in a tribe full of heroes and wallpapers? Colton feels frustrated in this game. He asks Aras if he is in trouble. He agrees but doesn’t give him affirmation that Colton should receive a second chance.

Redemption Island

Tyson is heated that Rachel got voted. Will he switch spots with her? He asks her and she says do not. Rachel calls out Brad for lining up the game and casting a spell. Tyson attacks Brad. Brad defends himself until Marissa yells at the NFL player for voting out the strong girls. Marissa drops the F-U bomb to Brad and Gervase told her to calm herself. Colton immediately cries. One would think he would be happy for all of the drama to go down. Colton quits the game. Probst calls him out for quitting, twice.

This duel is a domino effect. The contenders have to stack tiles on a ramp that changes in degrees. But that is not all. There is a trip wire that surrounds the contraception that affects the balance of the ramp. Candice ends up winning fast and gives her husband a fat kiss. She gives him the second idol clue. 45 minutes later, Rachel and Marissa still compete. Gervase’s niece edges out Rachel to survive. Tyson asked if Rachel had fun on her journey to give him closure for her exit.


Tyson feels fine after his loved-one’s departure. The tribe tries to process Colton’s quit. The consequence is that his departure is best for the tribe. The focus is on Monica because she is married to this season’s antagonist Brad.


John pulls Brad aside to tell him of the clue. He wants to build trust between members of his alliance. He should have shared the clue among all members. John doesn’t want to look for the clue together because it looks to obvious. Brad take offense to this; he doesn’t trust John now.

Immunity Challenge

This challenge will be physical. Tribes square off one-on-one, sumo style. Knock off your opponent for a point. First tribe to 5 points win safety and a reward of comfort or fishing gear.

Round 1: Brad vs. Gervase
This is a highly anticipated showdown. Gervase doesn’t like Brad because he voted out Marissa. Sadly, Brad won on this duel. Tadhana 1, Galang 0

Round 2: Laura B vs Katie
Laura easily wins this. Tadhana 1, Galang 1

Round 3: John vs. Aras
The men are both physical but John wins it. Tadhana 2, Galang 1

Round 4: Ciera vs Kat
Kat pushes Ciera and she falls in. Like it was more of a cough and Ciera is in the water. Pathetic. Tadhana 2, Galang 2

Round 5: Hayden vs. Tyson
Hayden pushes Tyson so hard that his shoulder popped. Medics examined his shoulder allowing him to remain in the game. Tadhana 3, Galang 2

Round 6: Tina vs. Katie
This is mother versus daughter duel. They hold nothing back. Tina teaches her daughter a lesson. Katies falls in the water. Tadhana 3, Galang 3

Round 7: Aras vs. Vytas
This is brother versus brother with a lot of rivalry between them. Aras pins his brother down. He retreats for him to get on his feet to fight fair. While Aras has his guard down, Vytas attacks his brother but Aras pushes his older brother off for the win. Aras immediately cries because he doesn’t want to fight his brother anymore. Tadhana 3, Galang 4

Round 6: Laura M vs. Ciera
This is mother versus daughter duel. What mother doesn’t know is that if she wins then she is sending her daughter home. The two women are on the outs with the male dominated tribe. Ciera should have whispered this to her but to no avail she loses. Tadhana 3, Galang 5

Galang wins the third immunity challenge in a row. Tadhana have to vote out one of their own again.


John is heated that Ciera and Katie lost a lot of their duels. It is between Cierra and Katie in who is going home. Katie cooks meals so she is staying. Man, these guys must have fallen off the misogynistic train. They prefer the girl who cooks and has a bigger rack. It is no shocker that Brad leads this group.

But wait, Brad wants to get out John. This is the real shocker. Brad senses that Candice will return from redemption island and he doesn’t want the pair to reconnect. The 4 guys tells the girls that it is either John or one of the girls. Ciera is down as long as it is not her.

Tribal Council