Aras orchestrated the plan to send Laura M to redemption island as a tool against Brad. Will his plan work or backfire?

Laura B is glad to survive her first tribal council. She believes Rupert is proud of her. Aras feels heat from Laura M. He is worried that she will have something to say at the truel. Tyson talks with Gervase to get rid of Aras. They speculate that when the tribes merge, Aras will join with Vytas to run this season. Gervase vows to not be a chess piece this season. He wants to play this season to the fullest.

Redemption Island

Ciera sees her mom in the truel and cries. Laura M is confident she will return back into the game. For the truel, the competitors will race across a beam to collect bags with numbered tiles. They must number the tiles 1-100. Laura M is off to a fast start; she dominates this challenge and wins it. She gives the clue to Vytas but he burns it like Monica. John and Brad are neck and neck for second place. John edges Brad and the former NFL player is gone from Survivor.

Tribal Switch

Probst makes the players drop their buffs to get a new one. The new tribes are

Tadhana: Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Ciera, Caleb, Hayden
Galang: Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B, Kat, Vytas

Clearly, Tadhana is stacked with men. Vytas is on the outs for being the only man on the Galang tribe. Also, Tina and her daughter Katie can work together.

New Tadhana

The three new guys eat all of the newbies food and gain as much information as possible. Hayden and Caleb gave clues to the idol to the veterans. This is not a good move. Coconut bandit Tyson strikes again. He opens a coconut to drink 50% of the milk and share the rest with the tribe. Tyson throws constant shade to Aras with the new people. He makes small comments to rally the newbies against him.

New Galang

Tina thinks it is wonderful to play with Katie. Vytas got screwed. He is on the outs. Katie has an in with the girls because of Tina but Vytas has no connections. Vytas is at the mercy of the women. He feels if he is open with the women he can receive empathy.

Immunity Challenge

One pair from each tribe will race to the ocean to retrieve a fish trap. Once the tribe collect all fish traps, they can work on a puzzle. Tina and Laura B are first for their tribe but they forgot to return the trap from the water. This allows Tadhana to have a gigantic lead in the challenge. Aras and Tyson work on the puzzle. Tina and Monica work on the puzzle for Galang and they try to close the lead. They think they have it but get denied twice. This allows Aras and Tyson to get the puzzle right. Tadhana wins immunity. If Galang did not mess up at the beginning of the challenge, they most likely would have won safety from tribal council.


Kat is fed up with Monica over strategizing. She tries to rally votes against Monica to Tina. But, Tina tells Monica who then approaches Kat. Kat denies the accusations to Monica’s face and the trust level is gone. Kat backpedals to go with the original plan to vote out Vytas.

Tribal Council

Kat feels that the tide has turned against her. She pleads for her safety in the game. Her and Vytas go at it a little. But, at the end of the night, Kat is the one sent to redemption island.

Tribal Votes

Monica: Kat
Laura B: Kat
Tina: Kat
Katie: Kat
Vytas: Kat
Kat: Vytas

*It is not lost on me that the name of this episode was ‘wrecking ball’ and Kat looks like Miley Cyrus.

Winner’s Prediction

1. Monica
2. Aras
3. Tina
4. Tyson
5. Vytas
6. Ciera

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