Vytas feels like he can trust his tribe. The Galang tribe voted out Laura B instead of the threat, Vytas. He feels like he can work with Aras and Gervase. Tina speculates the end game out loud. She basically told Monica she is number 5 in the alliance. Now, Monica will flip because she knows where she stands in the tribe.

Laura B does not get it why Vytas is still in the game. He will join with his brother to take out all of the girls. The redemption island contestants know that this truel will allow one person to enter the game. This is the most important truel these contestants has faced.

The Truel Of A LifeTime

The challenge is simple. The players will hang on to a pole for as long as possible. Laura B struggles to find her foot placing at first but she finally settles down. John slides down the pole after 20 minutes. He takes off his shoes to get a better placement with his toes. He is out of the competition. It is between the Laura’s, B and M. Laura B slips down and down while Laura M is solid like a rock. Laura M re-enters the game. Laura gives the clue to the fire pit.

The tribes drop their buffs and merge. Vytas gives Aras a huge hug. Ciera is worried that her mom coming back into the game could hurt her chances. The tribe feast on food for the merge.

Laura M wants to work with the 3 couples. This makes Hayden, Tyson and Gervase worried. Laura and Ciera talk about the game. Ciera informs her mother that Aras is the next target. She warns her mom to not talk with Aras at all.

Tyson looks for the hidden immunity idol. I have no clue why he started to look now when he had days to look for it. Tyson found the idol and he plans on not sharing this information with anyone.

Aras and Vytas talk game and Aras thinks Gervase and Tyson is with him. Vytas is worried about Tyson. He might go on an immunity run. Aras wants to get rid of Laura. Little does he know that she is his saving grace.

Monica and Tyson talk strategy. Monica tells Tyson that she is number 5 on the alliance.Tyson wants Monica to flip and she is willing. He gets annoyed at Monica because she never shuts up. Monica just wants Tyson to tell her that she is his endgame and then she can relax.

Individual Immunity Challenge

This challenge will test the players memories. Probst gives players a series of symbols and they have to show them back in order.

Monica is the first one out by not getting the second item correct. Caleb and Katie are out on the third item. Tina and Tyson are out on the next item. Hayden is the next casualty. Laura, Ciera, Vytas, Aras and Gervase move on to round two.
The second item in round two knocks out Laura. Her daughter gets knocked out by the following item. Gervase is out and the competition is between Aras and Vytas. Vytas ends up winning immunity. Did Aras throw this?


The merged tribe’s name is Kasama. Vytas didn’t need to win immunity but he wanted to beat his brother. Aras tells the tribe to split the vote between Laura and Ciera. Laura and Ciera want to split the vote in case Aras has the idol. Laura freaks out over the idol. Clearly, she has PTHD (Post-Traumatic Hantz Disorder). They agree to give 4 to Tina and 3 to Aras. The tribe alliance dynamics are weird. Who will vote for who?

Tribal Council

Tyson calls out the couples to work together. Aras agrees but he says he needs 6 votes and can’t rely solely on his brother. Probst calls out Laura and Ciera as swing votes. Hayden believes the pairs will work together. Tyson feels its threatening to have 6 loved ones playing which can rule the game.

Tribal Votes


Aras gets blindsided. He will get a chance to re-enter the game. He feels bad for his brother because he is in a tough spot. He fully expects to see Vytas at Redemption Island in 2-3 days.

Final Winner Predictions

1. Tyson
2. Ciera
3. Monica

Here are the Tribal Allegiances Breakdown

Tina & Katie
Aras & Vytas
Laura M & Ciera

Original Tadhana Guys:

Original Tadhana Girls: