The Galang tribe voted out Kat. She doesn’t cry, yet, but she is worried about her relationship with Hayden. Who wants to date someone who doesn’t make the merge? The next morning Kat cracks with tears and emotions. This continues as she walks into the redemption arena. Will Hayden switch with her?

Heck no! Probst guilt trips him into switching but we all know he has a better shot to win than her. Even Kat wanted Hayden to switch until he convinced her to play in the truel.

For the truel, contestants will chop a rope containing pieces to a fire puzzle. John chops his rope first to release the bag of pieces. He doesn’t look back as he wins this challenge with ease. Laura looks at his finished puzzle for help and this frustrates Kat. She calls her a cheater while she struggles. Kat ends up losing the truel and sends a tearful goodbye to her upstanding boyfriend.

Hayden feels guilty for not switching with his girlfriend. Tyson gives the Tadhana tribe a pep talk. Aras believes Vytas will align with the Tadhana tribe when it comes to the merge. However, the tribe is full of people who lost their loved ones, except for Aras. This alienates him. But, Aras doesn’t know the tide has turned from his allies. Aras has no clue of the villain, Tyson. He initiates an alliance of Gervase, Caleb, Hayden and Ciera.


Tina notices how amazing of a man Vytas is. She really wants her daughter to date him. But, Vytas plays all the women like a fiddle. The worst thing about the game according to him is the dishonesty. You can hear the women’s heart fawn over him.

Laura B learned to be more open with the tribe. One of her anxieties about the game is her social game. She was raised on a farm and had no social interactions growing up.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, the tribes are chained together competing through a series of obstacles. The tribes have to release bags that contain balls that will connect to chains to make a bolo. Ciera sits out. Tadhana goes quickly while Galang takes their time. The obstacles causes the tribes to clash with each other. There is a point where Monica doesn’t let Aras through her legs. The throwers of this competition are Tina and Tyson. They both wrap 2 bolos around the poles. Only one more bolo to win. Tina falls short while Tyson wins immunity for his tribe.


Laura B pulls a fast one on her tribe by openly telling Vytas he is going home tonight. The other 3 women are shocked by her actions. You shouldn’t make an executive move without talking with the alliance. Now, no one can trust Laura B.

Tribal Council

Laura thinks Vytas is going home and Vytas thinks Laura is going home. Who is right? Vytas, the girls cannibalize each other to Vytas gain. Oh, and next week Vytas and Aras merge together. We will see how things shape up.

Winner Predictions
1. Monica
2. Aras
3. Ciera
4. Vytas

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