We're learning more about the local connection to the man charged in the Kansas Jewish Community Center shootings.

Glenn Miller is an admitted white supremacist accused of killing three people outside Kansas City but in the late 1980s he briefly lived in Hillsville in Carroll County.

He fled to Missouri in 1987 while appealing a federal charge and that's when retired Roanoke U.S. Marshal Mike Thompson was assigned to bring him in.

This afternoon I tracked down Thompson who's now living in Georgia where he owns a business training officers on courthouse security. He told me he wasn't surprised Miller is now accused of murder because back in the 80s, he was stockpiling weapons with other radical members of his Ku Klux Klan organization.

"In the course of following him he went to a McDonald's restaurant," he remembers.

"They were in a van and we were in a rental car and there were other law enforcement agents in addition to U.S. Marshals and one of the people we were following got out of the van and when they did one of the agents said he saw a rocket lying on the floor of the van... you would use it to blow up vehicles or a building."

Thompson arrested Miller shortly after in the trailer park where he was storing weapons.

WDBJ7 spoke to Thompson back then who said they then found a stockpile of weapons in his trailer.

"They had numerous weapons, shoulder weapons, handguns, pipe bombs found in the trailer," he recalled in an interview from 1987. "Fragmentation hand grenades, hundreds and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. They had enough weapons to start a small war with if they wanted to."

He served a few years for charges related to the case after testifying against other white supremacists.

He said he first read online about the shootings and instantly made the connection to the Glenn Miller he chased more than 25 years ago. While Miller now wears glasses and has a beard, Thompson said he recognized him right away because he had to study his face so closely when Miller was wanted by authorities.