The man charged with the murder of an Amherst County woman was formally arraigned Thursday morning.

Cordell Carter has been accused of killing Jennifer Johnson in her home on Tuesday. 

A search warrant stated that one of Johnson’s sons called 911 after she was killed. 

When paramedics arrived, one of the children showed them where Johnson’s body was. 

Deputies also found a window broken in her bedroom. 

A single gun shell was found in the room with Johnson’s body, but investigators did not find a gun. 

Carter was the last person seen with Johnson before she died. 

Witness’s state that an argument took place and a loud bang was heard before Johnson’s body was found. 


A candlelight vigil is being held Thursday night for the woman who was murdered Tuesday in Amherst County.

The vigil is at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Amherst Baptist Church.

Jennifer Johnson was shot Tuesday in her home. She was a student at Liberty University and was just months away from graduating with a degree in business.

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We're learning a lot more about the woman deputies say was shot and killed by the father of one of her children.

Jennifer Johnson was killed at her home in Amherst County Tuesday.

"She was one amazing mother, sister, grandchild, and child," said Carrie Tomlin, Johnson's younger sister.

"She was...," Tomlin said, pausing to realize that her sister is now gone.

Instead of focusing on what happened, Tomlin is remembering the sweet person who was always looking out for everyone else.

"She just always helped out," Tomlin explained.  "If anyone was in need, even if Jenny didn't have it, she would make sure they had it."

"Jenny," as family called her, was a hard working waitress with high aspirations.

"I went over to her house last week and she was showing me all of her goals," Tomlin said Wednesday.  "She wrote down her goals and told me what she wanted to have done by the summer."

Johnson was studying business at Liberty University, just a few months shy of graduation.

"She was trying to better herself," said Jamie Harper, Johnson's older sister.  "She wanted to be something."

Harper says her younger sibling wanted a better life for her two sons.