When it comes to caring for the terminally ill, hospice care is usually a comforting option.

But hospice isn't a practice in some countries.

A group from China is in Roanoke to try and change that.  Good Samaritan Hospice has met with Chinese Doctors and business leaders trying to bring end-of-life home care back to China.

Currently in China, people go to hospitals or nursing homes, not their own homes.

"It's a professional care for the patient and the family," said Ruoxia Li, a Chinese resident.  Li began volunteering for Good Samaritan when she lived in Blacksburg.  She recently moved back to China and wants to bring the concept of hospice with her.

"It is very hard to explain this concept that "We will send a nurse into your home to help you manage your home to help you manage pain," added Sue Ranson, who runs Good Samaritan Hospice.

Leaders form Good Samaritan have also gone to China to help teach this concept.