Roanoke College will soon welcome the class of 2017 to its Salem campus. Over 500 students will call the college home for the next four years but not before getting a true, hands-on welcome.

The Maroon Corps goes out of its way to welcome and befriend students from move-in day to graduation while showing them the importance of service.

"They're going to be helping students move in to their residence halls, they're going to be working with them in small groups, and then they're going to be working with them throughout the academic year," Roanoke College Dean of Students, Dr. Gene Zdziarski told Your Hometown News Leader.

From the fear of Freshman move in, to the symptoms of Senioritis, these excited Maroon Corps members are ready to help and make some new friends.

"I've met so many people during that last couple few days. We really expose them to everything the campus has," said Brittany Zartman, a senior.

A welcome relief for those leaving home for the first time. For these dedicated volunteers, it's all about making the college experience easier.

"I just remember how it was when I was a freshman and you're scared and you don't know where anything is and we're there to answer the questions," Maroon Corps leader Chris Halverson told WDBJ7.

One of the pillars Roanoke College rests on is service. The Maroon Corps program is one of the ways it hopes to instill the desire to give back in its students, long after graduation.