Some teenagers are in town for your not so average summer camp.

Real Experiences Affecting Change, or REACH, is a group in Roanoke that works to give people hope again, prevent loneliness and empowers people by bringing them together.

REACH's summer camp is about six weeks in right now.

Campers come to Roanoke from all over and they all feel hard work can go a long way.  

The teens admit they may not be the most skilled workers, but they are hard working.

"It started slow, but we're picking up the pace now,” said camper Zachary Barefoot. “It's looking great. I'm really proud of it."

Barefoot is helping to build a backyard patio for Lois Graham.

"They have pulled weeds, hammered, sawed, you name it,” said Graham.

It's part of REACH's mission to connect people and improve living conditions.

Graham said she can't believe teenagers paid to work during their summer break.

"I think as often as we can we need to give the young people who are doing good things a good word,” said Graham.

Aside from the physical work, they're also learning team building and leadership skills.

"We like to learn the stories of all the people in the communities as well as the homeowners, so they are getting to meet as these people and learning about their lives as well as sharing their own,” said intern Kendall Miller.

Miller started out in REACH's program as a camper. Now, she serves as an intern.

Barefoot admits most of his friends back home taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer before school begins, but he said there's no place he'd rather be but here with his new friends.

"It's awesome,” he said. “Honestly, I love working and helping people out. It's a really good feeling just building this porch it seems so small but I know they are going to love it when it's finished.”

REACH hopes to repair anywhere from 15 to 20 homes by the end of the summer.

Aside from home renovations, campers also help out with local food banks, river cleanups and the animal shelters.