The Democratic and Republican candidates for governor say education is a top priority of their platforms.

Both are also proposing some big reforms.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe was in Roanoke County today for a roundtable with teachers, parents and school leaders.

Like his opponent, Republican Ken Cuccinelli, he reiterated the need for SOL reform, a renewed emphasis on science and technology programs and emphasis on pre-kindergarten programs.

Aside from how they'd pay for their educational goals, the candidates biggest disagreement is on the funding of private and charter schools.

"I will not allow money to be coming out of our public schools, we need to be building in our public schools, we need to be investing in our public schools. And parents are free to make the choice, but we cannot be taking away from our public schools," said McAuliffe.

The Cuccinelli campaign responded by saying they don't plan on taking any money away from public schools.

Instead, Cuccinelli's plan intends to make a quality education, public or private, more easily available to all K-12 students.