School closings are still on the table in Bedford County.

The school board is looking at possibly shutting down either Thaxton Elementary or Bedford Primary.  A decision won't be made for a few more months, but parents in Thaxton are already getting organized to try and save their school.

There's a lot of Thaxton pride in Sarah Mayhew's family.  She and her children have started wearing bright orange shirts to show support for their community school.

"The teachers know how to work together as a team," said Mayhew, whose children attend Thaxton Elementary.  "They have the best values of anyone on earth."

Mayhew believes a small school is the best environment for her children.  She's part of a group that's fighting to keep Thaxton Elementary open.

"We have such an outstanding school and we really want the school board to see what we have to offer," Mayhew said.

Bedford County's school board is thinking about closing either Thaxton Elementary or Bedford Primary.  The closings were recommended as part of a state-mandated efficiency review, released earlier this year.

"In order for us to continue providing the children of this county with a quality education, we have to do what's necessary to be efficient," said Ryan Edwards, public relations and policy coordinator for Bedford County Public Schools.

Edwards said several things will need to happen before a decision is made.  The school board will tour both schools and conduct a public hearing to get community feedback.

"I fully expect the public to have ample opportunity to comment on the matter," said Edwards.

When the school board sits down to debate the issue, Mayhew wants them to think about class sizes.  If Thaxton Elementary closes, 166 students will be moved to schools in Montvale and Bedford.

Mayhew believes children in all three schools would benefit from having more personal instruction from their teachers.

"We want that to come foremost," said Mayhew.  "What's best for our students and what makes the most sense."

The school board will tour Thaxton Elementary and Bedford Primary on August 28.  A public hearing will be held after that, but no date has been announced.

A large group of Thaxton parents is expected to attend Thuesday night's school board meeting, but Edwards said no decision about school closings will be made at that time.